Nora® EVA

  • Nora® EVA excels in rebound resilience
  • Nora® is a closed cell EVA
  • Nora® is Hypo Allergenic
  • Nora® is thermoformable at 230 to 260F in a convection oven
Product # Description
104-07-03 Lunairmed, 3.0mm, Flesh color (Tan)
104-07-04 Lunairmed, 4.0mm, Flesh color (Tan)

18 Shore A, Excellent top cover.

Product # Description
23961 Lunairflex, 3.0mm, Flesh Color, PERFORATED

22 Shore A, Firmer top cover.

Product # Description
121-07-03 Lunalastik, 3.0mm, Flesh color (Tan)

25 Shore A, Excellent top cover for active patient.

Processing Information:
Nora® EVA excels in rebound resilience.
Nora® is a closed cell EVA.
Nora® is Hypo Allergenic.
Thermoformable at 230° – 260° F.

Shipping Information:
Prices vary according to amounts of sheets purchased.