Cushioning & Covering


For covering and cushioning orthotics, Black and Tan microfiber, 0.8 mm thick, Wheels or Rolls

JMS Cushion Sponge

Firm Grade, Natural Color & Black, sheets & rolls

Neolon & BambooLon

Expanded Fabric Covered Neoprene, Closed Cell for covering & cushioning orthotics, 1/16" and 1/8"


A polyurethane/gel product in rolls and wheels - Laminated with Scrim

Poly-U Urethane Wheels 4.5″ & 5.0″

For covering & cushioning. Available in 1/16" and 1/8", blue, tan and black.


Urethane for covering & cushioning orthotics. Blue, tan and black colors in sheets and rolls.

Poron Firm Grade

For covering and cushioning orthotics. Panel Tan, Navy, Black & Gray


For covering orthotics, 10 Colors