Plastic Sheets/Composite Materials


A blend of Polypropylene and Polyethylene now available in 10 colors!

J-Poly R

A thermoplastic elastomer. Flexible material for accommodative orthotics.


Composite Material for Turf Toe Applications. New Smaller Size.

JMS 1000

An ultra high molecular weight, high density polyethylene plastic sheet

JMS 500

A high molecular weight, high density polyethylene in flesh, red, white & blue and multi-colored

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

Natural Color, Very Flexible

Modified Polyethylene (MPE)

Excellent for Body Jackets/Sock Liners

NRG Plates

Carbon Glass Continuous Fiber Thermoplates for Turf Toe™/Hallux Rigidus

OrthoflexTM SS

A flexible thermoplastic for flexible inner sockets in natural and black

Does not contain Silicone

PETG Sheets

For Check Sockets


Acrylic Sheets for Orthotics (2.0mm), (2.5mm), (3.0mm), (3.5mm), (4.0mm), (4.5mm), (5.0mm) Red, Green, & Amber


Natural, Flesh, White, Black, Royal Blue, 1/16" -1/2"


An Acrylic Thermoplastic Composite Graphite Material. Semi-Flexible(1.8mm), Semi-Rigid(2.2mm), Rigid(2.8mm) and Ultra Formulations (2.8mm)


An Acrylic Thermoplastic Fiber Glas Composite Material. Higher strength, increased control for deeper heel cups. Semi-rigid (2.3mm) Rigid (2.9mm)

XTX Sprint

CFRT® Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic