Co-Polymer – O&P Blend

A blend of Polypropylene and Low-Density Polyethylene Natural Color. Co-Polymer plastic sheets are a mixture of polypropylene with 5% to 10% low density polyethylene.

Natural Co-Polymer

Product # Size Product # Size
3/32″ 132331N 24″x48″
132338N 32″x48″
132332N 48″x48″
132333N 48″x96″
1/8″ 132181N 24″x48″ 3/16″ 132361N 24″x48″
132188N 32″x48″ 132368N 32″x48″
132182N 48″x48″ 132362N 48″x48″
132183N 48″x96″ 132363N 48″x96″
5/32″ 132531N 24″x48″ 1/4″ 132251N 24″x48″
132538N 32″x48″ 132258N 32″x48″
132532N 48″x48″ 132252N 48″x48″
132533N 48″x96″ 132253N 48″x96″

Black Co-Polymer

Product # Size Product # Size
1/8″ 132181K 24″x48″ 3/16″ 132361K 24″x48″
132188K 32″x48″ 132368K 32″x48″
132182K 48″x48″ 132362K 48″x48″
132183K 48″x96″ 132363K 48″x96″

White Co-Polymer

Product # Size Product # Size
1/8″ 132181W 24″x48″ 3/16″ 132361W 24″x48″
132188W 32″x48″ 132368W 32″x48″
132182W 48″x48″ 132362W 48″x48″
132183W 48″x96″ 132363W 48″x96″

Pink Co-Polymer

Product # Size Product # Size
1/8″ 132181P 24″x48″ 3/16″ 132361P 24″x48″
132188P 32″x48″ 132368P 32″x48″
132182P 48″x48″ 132362P 48″x48″
132183P 48″x96″ 132363P 48″x96″

Lite Blue Co-Polymer

Product # Size Product # Size
1/8″ 132181LB 24″x48″ 3/16″ 132361LB 24″x48″
132188LB 32″x48″ 132368LB 32″x48″
132182LB 48″x48″ 132368LB 48″x48″
132183LB 48″x96″ 132363LB 48″x96″

Purple Co-Polymer

Product # Size Product # Size
1/8″ 132181PR 24″x48″ 3/16″ 132361PR 24″x48″
132188PR 32″x48″ 132368PR 32″x48″
132182PR 48″x48″ 132362PR 48″x48″
132183PR 48″x96″ 132363PR 48″x96″

Royal Blue Co-Polymer

Product # Size Product # Size
1/8″ 132181RB 24″x48″ 3/16″ 132361RB 24″x48″
132188RB 32″x48″ 132368RB 32″x48″
132182RB 48″x48″ 132362RB 48″x48″
132183RB 48″x96″ 132363RB 48″x96″

Brown Co-Polymer

Product # Size Product # Size
1/8″ 132181BR 24″x48″ 3/16″ 132361BR 24″x48″
132188BR 32″x48″ 132368BR 32″x48″
132182BR 48″x48″ 132362BR 48″x48″
132183BR 48″x96″ 132363BR 48″x96″

Flesh Co-Polymer

Product # Size Product # Size
1/8″ 132181F 24″x48″ 3/16″ 132361F 24″x48″
132188F 32″x48″ 132368F 32″x48″
132182F 48″x48″ 132362F 48″x48″
132183F 48″x96″ 132363F 48″x96″

Red Co-Polymer

Product # Size Product # Size
1/8″ 132181R 24″x48″ 3/16″ 132361R 24″x48″
132188R 32″x48″ 132368R 32″x48″
132182R 48″x48″ 132362R 48″x48″
132183R 48″x96″ 132363R 48″x96″

Lime Green Co-Polymer

Product # Size Product # Size
1/8″ 132181LG 24″x48″ 3/16″ 132361LG 24″x48″
132188LG 32″x48″ 132368LG 32″x48″
132182LG 48″x48″ 132362LG 48″x48″
132183LG 48″x96″ 132363LG 48″x96″

Processing Information:
The sheets are self adhesive when hot and vacuum formable. Co-Polymer is not as brittle as polypropylene, but blanching develops in areas of high stress. The suggested heating conditions for JMS Co-Poly is 325 – 375 degrees F. for 4 – 12 minutes, depending on thickness and individual oven conditions. Shrinkage is normal when heated. If material flows, melts, puddles, or bubbles, it has been overheated or left in the oven too long.

Shipping Information:
Thicknesses may be combined with Polypropylene sheets for volume discounts.
Handling Charge: $3.00 on orders less than $25.00.
Packing Charge: $4.00 per package on orders of less than 10 sheets.