Posting & Cork

Acrylic Posting Material

Liquid & Powder combination, Cold-cure-clear


Made from natural cork granules mixed with nylon, firm.

Capping Material

For rear foot posts JMS Polyplastic, High Impact Stryene, and J-Sole-Anti-slip, J-grip.


Cork and rubber mix

J-Foam 55 EVA

A 50-55 duro EVA. A firm EVA used for the base, posting or wedging.

J-Foam 65 EVA

A 60-65 duro EVA. A firmer EVA used for rear foot post.


Thermoplastic orthotic cork / A.K.A. Thermocork™

JMS Bio-Kork

Available in Blue, Black and Tan

Orthotic Cork Sheets

Available in Blue, Black and Tan.

Posting Strips

60 Shore A Duro EVA Adhesive on one side.

Rubber Cork

Simulated cork which contains rubber.