J-Foam 25 EVA

A soft, lightweight moldable EVA.

Heating: 200°F to 275°F for 1 to 2 minutes.

All J-Foam EVA has a density tolerance of +/- 5.
All J-Foam EVA has a sheet size tolerance of +/-5%.

Product # Color Size Thickness
JF25BK0353 Black 53″x55″ 3MM
JF25BK1078 Black 47″x78″ 10MM
JF25BL1.578 Blue 47″x78″ 1.5MM
JF25BL0653 Blue 53″x55″ 6MM
JF25BL3153 Blue 52″x55″ 31MM
JF25WH1.555 White 53″x55″ 1.5MM
JF25WH0353 White 53″x57″ 3MM
JF25WH0655 White 53″x55″ 6MM
JF25WH1053 White 53″x57″ 10MM
JF25WH1353 White 53″x57″ 13MM