Transfer Paper

Comes in 15 colorful patterns.

Product # Description Size
P2601 Dalmation 39″ X 63″
P2602 Blue Batik 39″ X 63″
P2604 Lava 39″ X 63″
P2605 Jeans 39″ X 63″
P2606 Hearts 39″ X 63″
P2607 Black & White Hearts 39″ X 63″
P2608 Green Squares 39″ X 63″
P2609 Flowers & Kids 39″ X 63″
P2610 Jungle 39″ X 63″
P1062 Black 39″ X 63″
P1013 Tornado 39″ X 63″
P1014 Drive & Fly 39″ X 63″
P1026 Purple Butterfly 39″ X 63″
P1063 Carbon 39″ X 63″
P1050 Ice Age 39″ X 63″

Color Paper Instructions:

  1. Measure the piece of thermoplastic that you choose to use.
  2. Cut a piece of coloring paper slightly smaller than the plastic.
  3. Place the plastic into your oven and heat to its optimum temperature.
  4. When the optimum temperature is reached, remove the plastic from the oven and place on a flat surface.
  5. Place the coloring paper image side down on the hot plastic. Take care to prevent bubbles and wrinkles by using thermal gloves and slight pressure.
  6. Remove the coloring paper by peeling it off from the plastic after 15-30 seconds. The actual coloring process takes place at a temperature of 338° F to 428° F.
  7. The plastic may be returned to the oven if necessary.
  8. The plastic may now be formed in the usual manner. Take care not to over stretch the plastic, as this will distort the color image.
  9. This quick and easy method of coloring keeps the surface homogeneous and the color cannot be scratched off. There are no changes in the vacuum forming process. Color shades in the brochure may differ from the shade on the finished material. Color may be more intense or lighter depending on the material used. Coloring paper will stick to the plastic of it is overheated or if the paper is left in conact with the plastic for an excessive amount of time. Remove the coloring paper before vacuuming the thermoplastic. Store papers in a cool, dry place.