Prosthetic Supplies

Casting Socks

Trans-tibial and trans-femoral casts for residual limbs.

Casting Tape

Quick, easy, and reliable tape.

Coyote Composite

Lightweight, tough and durable.

J-Cast Orthopedic Casting Tape

Fiberglass cloth, filled with poly urethane.

OrthoflexTM SS

A flexible thermoplastic for flexible inner sockets in natural and black

P.V.A. Bags

Made from the highest quality 3mil poly vinyl alcohol.

PETG Sheets

For Check Sockets


Available in Cotton, Nylon, Nyglas, Spectracarb and Mastercraft Hosiery

Suction Valves

Industry leading Elevated Vacuum and Passive Expulsion Valves, manufactured by Cypress Adaptive, LLC.

Toughware Prosthetics

Vari-Pinch Prehensor/Retro Classic Hook

Transfer Paper

Comes in 9 colorful patterns.