J-Glas Pre-Fabs

An Acrylic Thermoplastic Composite Material available in Two Layer, Plain Weave, with Woven Glass Fibers with Black Resin. Available in Men's and Women's sizes.

Women - 5/6, 7/8, 9/10
Men - 7/8, 9/10/11/12

The J-Glas Pre Fabs are thin and lightweight, and are economically priced. They can be easily adjusted using a heat gun/oven. They provide better fit and functional control, and retain their rigidity and shape. These Pre-Fabs are 1.5mm (.060") thick. Breakage is guaranteed for one year.

Men's (1.5mm thick)

Product # Size
515M07-08 Men’s 7-8
515M09-10 Men’s 9-10
515M11-12 Men’s 11-12
515M13-14 Men’s 13-14

Women's (1.5mm thick)

Product # Size
515W05-06 Wmn’s 5-6
515W07-08 Wmn’s 7-8
515W09-10 Wmn’s 9-10