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Cushion & Covering - J-Gel

J-Gel Sheets J-GEL

J-Gel is a low durometer polyurethane gel for shear reduction and pressure relief. Providing extreme and efficient comfort, this self adhesive gel relieves pressure in orthotics, braces and shoes. Unlike any other product on the market, J-Gel contains a reusable adhesive on one side and a silver antimicrobial surface on the other.

With a peel and stick application, J-Gel is perfect for specific spot placement. Customizable to fit even those hard to reach places, J-Gel is available in:

  • 16” x 18” sheets (1mm, 2mm and 3mm thicknesses)
  • Heel pads and heel protectors
  • 1.5” wide x 2mm game time strips
Their colorless characteristic allows for a discrete and camouflaged look. It adheres immediately on contact and can be lifted and repositioned at any time.

This cutting edge product is ideal for many needs including:

  • Athletes that need a supportive material that can be adjusted repeatedly or repositioned
  • Trainers that can combine tape and padding into a single tool
  • Diabetics that can use the absorption power of J-Gel to cushion their feet while its antimicrobial capabilities minimize infection
  • Podiatrist that want to fine tune the fit of an orthotic
  • Orthotists that want to provide pain relief for braces
  • Even new shoe owners (particularly ladies in heels) will love J-Gels ability to provide comfort to the typical pain point in the heel and balls of the feet.

J-Gel offers a superior alternative to silicone. It is much less expensive and J-Gel’s reusable adhesive allows it to be used over and over.

Along with its heel pads and foot protectors, J-Gel is available in game time strips. This innovative approach is perfect for athletes and those involved in physical activities. Acting as a surrogate ace bandage, the strips not only relieve pressure and protect from injuries, but it conveniently attaches to itself for easy application. Having completed its purpose, the strip is easily removed and reusable for next time. J-Gel already provides relief for athletes among High School sports teams, NCAA basketball and Pro Football teams.



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