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Thermoplastic - Thermoplastis
Heat-Moldable Foam



Nickelplast is a high strength, expanded orthotic material. It is easy to form or stretch, and provides excellent cushioning. It resists bottoming out and offers a resilient, rubbery quality not found in other cross-linked polyethylene materials. Use where long wear, resilience and ease of fabrication are required.


Product # Thickness Size Color Durometer
48203/16"36" x 44"White42 ± 3
48213/16"36" x 44"Blue42 ± 3
48233/8"36" x 44"Blue42 ± 3

  • Superior substitute for Pelite, has a higher polyethylene content and a smooth surface.


Product # Thickness Size Color Durometer
47911/8"36" x 44"Balsa48
47923/16"36" x 44"Balsa48
47931/4"36" x 44"Balsa48

  • For use in insoles and posting of foot orthoses.

  • Extra resiliency and elongation; better durability and high strength.

  • Recommended heating temperatures are 300°F - 350°F for one to three minutes, depending on thickness.


Product # Thickness Size Color Durometer
44001/8"30" x 36"4E, White23
44011/4"30" x 36"4E, White23
44101/8"30" x 36"6A, White34
44111/4"24" x 30"6A, White34
44151/8"24" x 30"10, Buff60
44541/8"24" x 30"10, White60
48153/16"29" x 32"XPE68
48163/8"29" x 32"XPE68
48179/16"29" x 32"XPE68

  • Aliplast is an improved, smooth surface, closed-cell polyethylene foam material. It has exceptional energy absorption, and may be quickly molded to body contours when heated. It is easily molded and sanded. Aliplast is auto-adhesive and impermeable to liquids and gases.

  • Aliplast XPE is very firm, and absolutely resists long-term compression and bottoming out even in functional shoe orthotics.
  • Heat moldable at temperatures between 250°F - 300°F. (MM thickness x 12 = heating time in seconds.)


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