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Thermoplastic - J-Foam 35 Sheets


J-Foam is a unique 35 Durometer, cross-linked, EVA foam, designed to absorb shock while maintaining it's shape. It can be heat formed at 300 deg.F.

Combines well with Plastozote to produce a light-weight orthotic that will protect an insensitive, diabetic foot or comfort a hyper-sensitive arthritic foot.

Product # Color Size Thickness
JF35BK1.551 Black 49"x51" 1.5MM
JF35BK0317 Black 17"X49" 3.0MM
JF35BK0351 Black 49"x51" 3.0MM
JF35BK0618 Black 18"X53" 6.0MM
JF35BK0651 Black 49"X51" 6.0MM
JF35BK1018 Black 18"X53" 10MM
JF35BK1051 Black 49"X51" 10MM
JF35BK1318 Black 18"x45" 13MM
JF35BK1353 Black 53"x55" 13MM
JF35BK2518 Black 18"X53" 25MM
JF35BK2553 Black 53"x55" 25MM
JF35BK3851 Black 49"x51" 38MM
JF35BL1.551 Blue 49"X51" 1.5MM
JF35BL0317 Blue 17"X49" 3.0MM
JF35BL0351 Blue 49"X51" 3.0MM
JF35BL0617 Blue 17"X49" 6.0MM
JF35BL0649 Blue 49"X51" 6.0MM
JF35BL1017 Blue 17"X49" 10MM
JF35BL1051 Blue 49"X51" 10MM
JF35BL1317 Blue 17"X49" 13MM
JF35BL1351 Blue 49"X51" 13MM
JF35BL2551 Blue 49"X51" 25MM
JF35BL3251 Blue 49"X51" 32MM
JF35BL3851 Blue 49"X51" 38MM
JF35RD0317 Red 17"X49" 3.0MM
JF35RD0351 Red 49"X51" 3.0MM
JF35TN0317 Tan 17"X49" 3.0MM
JF35TN0351 Tan 49"X51" 3.0MM
JF35TN1018 Tan 18"X43" 10MM
JF35TN1075C Tan 43"X75" 10MM
JF35TN1317 Tan 17"X49" 13MM
JF35TN1351 Tan 49"X51" 13MM
JF35WH1.551 White 49"X51" 1.5MM
JF35WH0317 White 17"X49" 3.0MM
JF35WH0351 White 49"X51" 3.0MM
JF35WH0617 White 17"X49" 6.0MM
JF35WH0651 White 49"X51" 6.0MM
JF35WH1017 White 17"X49" 10MM
JF35WH1051 White 49"X51" 10MM
JF35WH1317 White 17"X49" 13MM
JF35WH1351 White 49"X51" 13MM
JF35WH1517 White 17"X49" 15MM
JF35WH1551 White 49"x51" 15MM
JF35WH2551 White 49"x51" 25MM
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