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Thermoplastic - J-Foam 55 Sheets


A 50-55 duro EVA. A firm EVA used for the base, posting or wedging.

J-FOAM 55 - A moderately firm, heat moldable EVA.
Heating: 300F for 1 to 2 minutes.

Product # Color Size Thickness
JF55BK0332 Black 32"x40" 3.0MM
JF55BK0365 Black 40"x65" 3.0MM
JF55BK0632 Black 32"x40" 6.0MM
JF55BK0665 Black 40"x65" 6.0MM
JF55BK1032 Black 32"x40" 10MM
JF55BK1065 Black 40"x65" 10MM
JF55BK1332 Black 32"x40" 13MM
JF55BK1365 Black 40"x65" 13MM
JF55BK1532 Black 32"x40" 15MM
JF55BK1565 Black 40"x65" 15MM
JF55BL1032 Blue 32"x40" 10MM
JF55BL1065 Blue 40"x65" 10MM
JF55BR1032 Brown 32"x40" 10MM
JF55BR1065 Brown 40"x65" 10MM
JF55GR0632 Gray 32"x40" 6.0MM
JF55GR0665 Gray 40"x65" 6.0MM
JF55GR1032 Gray 32"x40" 10MM
JF55GR1065 Gray 40"x65" 10MM
JF55GR1332 Gray 32"x40" 13MM
JF55GR1365 Gray 40"x65" 13MM
JF55TN1032 Tan 32"x40" 10MM
JF55TN1065 Tan 40"x65" 10MM
JF55WH1.532 White 32"x40" 1.5MM
JF55WH1.565 White 40"x65" 1.5MM
JF55WH0332 White 32"x40" 3.0MM
JF55WH0365 White 40"x65" 3.0MM
JF55WH0632 White 32"x40" 6.0MM
JF55WH0665 White 40"x65" 6.0MM
JF55WH1032 White 32"x40" 10MM
JF55WH1065 White 40"x65" 10MM
JF55WH1332 White 32"x40" 13MM
JF55WH1365 White 40"x65" 13MM
JF55WH1532 White 32"x40" 15MM
JF55WH1565 White 40"x65" 15MM

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