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Richie OTC Dynamic Assist

Richie Brace Assist

Richie OTC Dynamic Assist

A pre-fabricated ankle foot orthosis that provides dynamic dorsiflexion and eversion of the ankle joint. For immediate treatment of conditions accompanied by weakness of the muscles, tendons or ligaments around the ankle joint.

L1919 Pre-fabricated AFO with contoured footplate
L2210 X 2 Tamarack dorsi-assist hinges
L2820 Soft interface padded, adjustable limb uprights
Open posterior ankle

Control of inversion/eversion foot and ankle alignment
Dynamic dorsiflexion up to ten degrees
Comfortable fit for wide range of leg girth
Superior shoe fit

Clinical Indications:
Flaccid drop foot deformity
Lateral ankle instability
Post traumatic weakness of ankle dorsiflexion
Peroneal tendinopathy
Tibialis anterior tendinopathy
Peripheral neuropathy with varus instability

Billing Code Ceiling Floor
L1971 $481.45 $361.08
L2210 X 2 $72.27 X 2 $54.20 X 2
  ($144.54) ($108.40)
L2820 $93.96 $70.02
Total $719.95 $539.50
Richie Brace OTC

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Features & Benefits:
L1906 Pre-fabricated plastic AFO
Acute ankle sprain
Precursor to Custom AFO
Post operative splint

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