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Plastic Sheets - JMS 500

JMS 500High Molecular Weight, High Density Polyethylene Plastic Sheets

The JMS 500 High Density Polyethylene Plastic Sheets are offered a variety of colors, such as white, black, blue, red, multicolor, and fleshtone. There are a variety of thicknesses available as well, from 1.0mm to 5.0mm.

WhiteBlackBlueRed Picasso* ThicknessSheet SizeSF/Sheet
50010W-1----1.0 mm36" x 37.50"9.375
50012W-150012K-150012B-150012R-150012P-12.0 mm36" x 37.50"9.375
50013W-150013K-150013B-150013R-150013P-13.0 mm36" x 37.50"9.375
50014W-150014K-150014B-150014R-150014P-14.0 mm36" x 37.50"9.375
50015W-150015K-150015B-150015R-150015P-15.0 mm36" x 37.50"9.375

* Picasso is a swirl consisting of blue, yellow, red and green.

FleshtoneThicknessSheet SizeSF/Sheet
50001F-11.0 mm36" x 37.50"9.375
50002F-12.0 mm36" x 37.50"9.375
50003F-13.0 mm36" x 37.50"9.375
50004F-14.0 mm36" x 37.50"9.375
50005F-15.0 mm36" x 37.50"9.375

Processing Information:
JMS 500 should be formed at temperatures of 325 - 375 deg. F for between 4 - 12 minutes, depending on thickness and individual oven conditions. Shrinkage is normal when heated.

Thickness tolerances:
1.0 mm to 1.5 mm: 0.2 mm
2.0 mm to 4.0 mm: 0.3 mm
5.0 mm to 6.0 mm: 0.5 mm

Shipping information:
Cutting Charges: $4.00 for each sheet
Packing Charges: $4.00 per package on orders of less than 10 sheets

Thickness/color may be combined for discount pricing.

Must purchase full sheet for 4"x8" or 5"x9" Pairs

Pairs per sheet: 4"x8"= 18-20 pairs, 5"x9"=13-14 pairs.


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