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Cushion & Covering - Poron Slow Recovery

For covering and cushioning orthotics
Product # Thickness Size Color
207-M125 3.0MM 18"X44" MAROON FIRM
MSRVS-15118-73 3.0MM 12"X54" SEA MIST VERY SOFT
MSRVS-15236-73 6.0MM 12"X54" SEA MIST VERY SOFT
MSRS-15118-71 3.0MM 12"X54" LT. JADE SOFT
MSRS-15236-71 6.0MM 12"X54" LT. JADE SOFT
MSRF-15118-79 3.0MM 12"X54" PATINA FIRM
MSRF-15236-79 6.0MM 12"X54" PATINA FIRM
MSRVF-15118-80 3.0MM 12"X54" DARK JADE VERY FIRM
MSRVF-15236-80 6.0MM 12"X54" DARK JADE VERY FIRM

* Cannot mix thickness for quantity discounts



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